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The Win-Win of Hearing Rare Patient Voices in Market Research

Healthcare is a sensitive subject for many struggling with rare diseases or disabilities. Researchers in the healthcare sphere are challenged with finding delicate ways to approach patients. How do researchers advance technology and create positive outcomes for patients?

In today’s episode, our CEO, Priscilla McKenney, welcomes Wes Michael, President of Rare Patient Voice. His company's unique approach to building market research panels allows patients and caregivers to contribute their insights to researchers and companies worldwide. Rare Patient Voice has expanded globally, completed numerous projects, and served hundreds of clients, all with the aim of making a positive impact on the lives of participants and future patients and caregivers.

Researchers are being forced to look beyond the basic questions when approaching respondents. Making a difference in the healthcare industry requires a more personalized touch. Instead of relying solely on traditional methods, researchers must introduce additional elements. New methods aim to gain a deeper understanding of what people are thinking and feeling beyond just their verbal responses.

But there is something taking an extreme toll on quality research. Fraud. On average, across the industry, 15 to 30% of market research data is fraudulent. In some studies, the figures are even higher. Wes discusses how he is well-acquainted with the risks associated with fraud in market research. He offers effective strategies to rise above the noise and gain genuine research results.

Listen in for the MR win-win!


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