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Build Radical Relationships with Shawn Nason

He’ll admit, Shawn Nason is a lot.

He’s looking for leaders who are mavericks.

He’s the founder and CEO of MOFI, a maverick-minded, human-obsessed boutique consulting firm that uses ethnographic research, journey mapping, human-centered design, experienced-based training, and design sprints to transform organizations. Shawn believes the only way to build a sustainable and thriving business is to put people first. As an experienced evangelist and experienced ecosystem designer, he unapologetically challenges leaders to blow up outdated, siloed systems and rebuild them with an aligned, human-first approach. He states, “If you put the human experience first in business you will get the numbers you need.”

He helps companies realize the tangible benefits of this commitment:

  • employee retention
  • staying relevant in business
  • significant revenue growth
  • regaining hope for what the business experience could be

He and Priscilla talk about the state of leadership and how our culture creates the expectation that it will be lonely at the top. But being lonely at the top is a choice. Shawn notes that leaders are struggling to authentically be themselves and still make a difference at work. Everyone talks about things like having a growth mindset and the like, but there is not much talk about a heart mindset. At MOFI, they help leaders take that short but seemingly long journey from their head to their heart. They help leaders discover that you can be a CEO of a company and have wonderful relationships. You can be supported and understood. You can create an environment where people can be respected AND loved.

As a former Disney Imagineer, he remembers how this insistence on the right environment and attitude at Disney was not an optional part of working there. In fact, this absolute drew a line in the sand - you’re either with us or not. When leaders take this stance the reality is that not everyone will follow and that is ok. When leaders let people go who cannot love their co-workers, they create a place where magic can be made and real growth is not thwarted.

Give a listen to his thoughts on his most recently co-authored book, Kiss Your Dragons: Radical Relationships, Bold Heartsets & Changing the World. In the end, they agree the secret to success means being transparent, building radical relationships and loving people.



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