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Carlos Martinez Knows What the Pandemic Did to MR Technology Last Summer

Carlos Martinez, Fieldwork’s Executive Vice President, is no stranger to constantly evolving realm of technology. Since 1995 he has paved the way in IT for Fieldwork, and in that time, he has seen many trends come and go. However, 2020 was a whole new level of change. Never before has everyone had to become their own technology experts.

In this episode, Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney and Carlos reflect on how communication has developed in the field of market research and beyond since last year. They discuss Fieldwork’s major adjustments and their effect on respondents, clients and even their internal team. But last year wasn’t all gloom and doom. Along with these challenges came amazing growth in Fieldworks current technological endeavors, such as Fieldwork Webwork and their online database.

But this shift has left people yearning for more, and Carlos knows exactly what is missing—the human connection.

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