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Collaboration is the New Competition: A Sneak Peek at Priscilla's Upcoming Book


Be forewarned: This episode is probably a gateway drug to a Little Bird Book Club. 

If you keep up with Priscilla, you probably already know some of her thoughts on competition (yuck!), and how collaboration (yay!) is a better strategy. But even collaboration can be a perilous landscape. It goes all the way back to fifth-grade group projects where one kid does all the work and the others just coast. In the professional realm, there are many examples of things that *look* like collaboration on the surface, but are not actually collaborative at their core. 

In this episode, Executive VP Leighton Cordell commandeers the podcast to get the scoop on 

Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney’s forthcoming book: Collaboration is the New Competition. Given that Priscilla is well acquainted with the stunning discomfort of entrepreneurship, paired with the fact that her heart is always with business owners who are trying to make an impact, get traction on their ideas and sell their products and services — a book was born!

She shares with us enticing sneak peeks into the tactical, practical and insightful pages of her book and drops a few pearls of wisdom along the way! 

You know Priscilla and her commitment to #alwaysbehelping. 

(Whitesnake fans: Stick around for the ending!)

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