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Collaboration is the New Competition Book Launch

The A student’s worst nightmare… The teacher says, “Grab a partner; it's group project time!”

Perhaps you think it a ruthless generalization to say the task of a group project often forces one student with the ability, drive, and support from home to do all the work. But this was Little Bird Marketing CEO Priscilla McKinney’s exact experience when her son came home from school one fateful day.

News flash! The 5th grader group project setup doesn’t end with 5th grade. Turns out, it extends to the corporate world. When talking about collaborations in the corporate sphere, Priscilla was met with resistance. What business leaders THOUGHT was a collaboration was really just a Kumbaya moment.

Sure, we could sing All Together Now if you’re more of a Beatles fan, but that doesn’t get the work done! Getting people next to each other doing similar things DOES NOT equate to collaboration. It's not a win-lose situation. True collaboration means bigger wins for everyone. THAT'S what pushed Priscilla to write a book. Yep, Cultural Anthropologist, aspiring lunch eater, champagne aficionado, and social selling expert has now added AUTHOR to her titles. 

Want to know the framework for setting true collaboration in motion? Listen to today’s full episode for the three big factors of collaboration that lead to success!

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