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Dear Priscilla: How Do I Avoid Virtual Conference Fatigue?

You remember regular-old in-person conference fatigue, right? The packing, traveling, and reservations…the seminars, breakout groups and after-parties…the (slightly-tipsy) 2 am bedtime, and (still-tipsy) return to the fray? By contrast, one might assume that attending virtual conferences from either the office or the comfort of one’s home would be a walk in the park. And yet, digital conferences somehow combine all the frenetic information overload of in-person conferences, the focus struggle of online classes, and the eye strain of bingewatching all 9 seasons of Seinfeld into one tidy little package known as digital conference fatigue.

In the “Dear Priscilla” series, host and Little Bird Marketing CEO Priscilla McKinney, along with Executive Director Ashley Le Blanc provide answers to the sometimes-abstruse, oft-embarassing marketing questions that everyone has — and everyone is afraid to ask. This week they discuss ways of avoiding digital conference fatigue. Guess what? A lot of the steps that can help facilitate learning and meaningful connections in-person can be transferred to the virtual format! That includes planning and goal-setting, genuine and strategic connection with guests and speakers, active note-taking and social interaction, and sometimes - a personal afterparty with tiny hotel-sized liquor bottles.

Check out the full episode to start making the most of digital conferences!


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