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4 Reasons Digital Ads Are Worth the Spend

You’re invited to sit down and pour yourself a glass of champagne as Priscilla McKinney, Momma Bird and CEO of Little Bird Marketing has her favorite guest back on to talk shop. On the agenda today is a romp with Executive VP, Ashley Le Blanc around how to spend money to make money - on digital ads, that is. 

Creating amazing targeted content plans with strategic SEO is a long term plan. Building authority is the ultimate goal to win online ranking to get your content found organically. You have to be patient. But sometimes that is not in the cards for clients and based on their KPIs, sales and revenue goals one way for a quicker win is to engage an expert to create a winning online digital ad plan. While we’re building organic reach, often we find it helpful to get some paid search going and generate web traffic, lead generation and close some sales. 

"Digital ads are worth the spend if they are done within strategy, if they are done with purpose. And if they're done with our favorite thing, which is persona development.” — Priscilla McKinney


With almost $500 billion being spent in 2021 alone for digital ads, there is a lot happening in this space. But there are a lot of people out there happy to take your money for ad spend without understanding your ideal client persona (ICP) and how competitive your keyword landscape is. At Little Bird Marketing, we never start with a number in mind for an ad spend. We listen to client goals and then do the research before proposing a budget. 

But if you’re in the market for help, some tips can help you ask the right questions and get clarity before you start down the programmatic spending path. There’s a lot to know about digital advertising technology, the difference between ad spends on social media platforms and web browser, growth hacking strategies, ads that boost content marketing, search engine ads, retargeting and more. So where to start? This podcast, of course!

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