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Energizing Insights with Cultural Context with Alex Charlton

What level of energy is needed to produce h@!y sh!t level of insights? Let’s just ask the? Verve team!

Today, Priscilla McKinney chats with Alex Charlton, the SVP at Verve North America, a global insights consultancy. The conversation delved into how Verve approaches marketing, consumer insights, and market research in a rapidly changing post-pandemic world.

Unlike traditional agencies, Verve boasts a team of experts from behavioral scientists to tech experts, data scientists to cultural experts, all working collaboratively. This integrated approach synthesizes complex challenges more effectively to deliver a usable understanding of how culture and other unwritten rules and beliefs are driving consumer sentiment and behavior.

Alex emphasizes that technology should solve problems, not create them.

The team and leaders at Verve North America know that in this digital age, it’s vital to be a modern insights agency that leverages a wide range of tools and techniques to understand consumer behavior. And while there may not be an "ideal" client, Alex highlights the importance of receiving complex and challenging briefs. These briefs present opportunities for the team to use their array of skills and expertise to provide valuable solutions.

By combining AI, cultural analysis, and a diverse team of experts, they are an invaluable partner for businesses navigating the evolving market landscape. They bring, well, the verve to it all, and you can too!


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