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How Great Book Ideas Become Published Books

So, you want to write a book? Is the idea becoming a burden because you can just see a way forward to getting it done?

In the true spirit of “always be helping” (ABH), our Momma Bird and CEO of Little Bird Marketing, Priscilla McKinney pulls the curtain back and talks about her experience hiring a scribe to complete her book.

The most important first step is to get clarity about WHY you MUST write your book. Are you looking for new clients? Want opportunities for public speaking? Want some street cred to increase your speaking fees? No matter the goal, it’s important to understand how a book can support broader professional and personal goals.

She gives great advice about how to take book ideas and make them a reality by looking clearly at book title ideas, evaluating the topics, goals for writing a book, the need for considering the audience and getting the right structure in place to turn that book idea into a published book.

You may have a lot of great book ideas floating around in your head, but getting those out into the world could be the most important thing you do. Instead of going it alone, you might have heard of people hiring a ghostwriter. That can be an expensive proposition and it also may take some of the joy away if you’re a person who wants to take part in the process in a more dynamic way. Instead, she suggests finding a scribe to provide the structure, transcription, feedback, technical editing, and full accountability for the project.

Are you ready to chat with someone who has been through the experience? Click here to get on Priscilla’s calendar and chat through the idea first. Maybe hiring a scribe is the right way to go to help you refine your idea and get the ball rolling!


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