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How to Pass the Baton from Marketing to Sales for Predictable Revenue Generation

ROI & KPIs, MQLs& SQLs… The acronyms in marketing never stop. But the only KPI that really matters is that feeling you get when you’re exceeding revenue goals! At Little Bird Marketing, we’re overtly helpful, providing amazing resources and expertise like this lead generation funnel blog to provide important benchmarks for your work. What is also immensely helpful is knowing how to bring your sales and marketing departments together for a revenue generation WIN. No more listening to marketing blame sales for not closing leads or listening to sales say marketing doesn’t deliver quality leads. Instead, we’ll share our expertise on how to pass the baton successfully from marketing to sales in a way that creates predictable revenue generation.
Our CEO and Momma Bird, Priscilla McKinney, hosts our very own Chief Revenue Officer, Stephanie Douglass, to discuss the important focus needed on that important hand-off that happens at the intersection of sales and marketing. Getting that baton handed off correctly and cleanly has an incredible impact on revenue and B2B lead generation success. Together, they reflect on the challenges faced by businesses, particularly regarding meeting sales quotas, dealing with churn, and the frustration over the lack of visibility into marketing ROI.

Stats to know:

- 97% of C-Suite have revenue growth as a priority, along with customer retention
- 1/3 of B2B marketing and revenue leaders say that their marketing efforts are not aligned with their revenue budgets.

Stephanie points out it doesn’t matter how pretty things look; what matters is the bottom line. This is where CEOs and CROs meet and where the whole team should come together in agreement. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what problem you’re having, the bigger problem is that your company isn’t meeting the revenue goal. Priscilla and Stephanie emphasize the importance of aligning sales and marketing efforts and advocating for a shared responsibility model in the revenue marketing funnel.

There are no “3 easy steps.” But there are steps you should take and KPIs you need to pay attention to. Understanding the metrics can help to predict revenue accurately. They break it down in this conversation. Get ready for actionable insights to help your business enhance revenue generation strategies through better alignment of sales and marketing efforts. Listen in for the 4 KPIs you really need to be looking at and understand.

Watch How to Pass the Baton: Integrating Marketing and Sales for Predictable Revenue

The acronyms explained:

ROI - Return on Investment
KPI - Key Performance Indicators
MQL - Marketing Qualified Lead
SQL - Sales Qualified Lead



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