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Innovating to Find and Serve Your Consumer with Janeen Hazel


Buyers, and their journeys, are rapidly changing. Before the pandemic, brands had more control over when consumers saw an ad or a product. Now, the script is flipped. The consumer carves a unique path to find a brand, product or service and they aren’t doing it like they have in the past. 

The consumer is in control of WHERE they see your brand. 

The consumer is in control of WHEN they see your brand. 

The consumer is in control of HOW to see your brand. 

Brands need to work harder to find their consumers and to ensure that they are in the right spaces and places at the right time, engaging with them in the right way. 

Janeen Hazel, VP of Business Development and Marketing at Luth Research, joins Priscilla McKinney, CEO of Little Bird Marketing, to discuss how to drill down on when consumers want to hear from a brand and wants to see the brand. Innovation is the name of the game. With the digital landscape in a constant state of evolution, brands have to innovate to still keep a pulse on their ideal consumers.  Everything from iOS changing how companies can see inside apps, to Amazon shifting their categories impacts how consumers find, understand and interact with your brand and so much more. 

Talk about innovation! As a woman-owned business, founded in 1977 by Janeen’s mother, Roseanne Luth, paved the way for other women in the marketing research industry. Luth was at the forefront of the digital revolution in 1999 with the launch of SurveySavvy®, their patented online research panel. SurveySavvy® is a cash-incentive panel, and in 2020 Luth launched SurveyShares® which is a company shares-incentive panel. 

Did you get that? They offer payment OR shares in the company to participate in surveys! Treating their panelists like GOLD is at the core of Luth’s values and not lipservice.  By paying panelists well or by offering them company shares, Luth’s panelists are invested in the success of the brands they are sharing their data with. This makes humanity, and brands, MORE than a little bit better.

To sign-up for SurveySavvy® follow this link: https://surveysavvy.com

To sign-up for SurveyShares®  follow this link: https://www.savvyshares.com

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