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LIVE from the Insights Association Corporate Researcher's Conference

What do the greatest research minds share when brought together? If you’re experiencing a serious case of FOMO because you didn’t make it or are just wondering what everyone else was talking about while you were there, we bring you the Insights Association Corporate Researcher's Conference in a nutshell. When it comes to market research, consumer insights, shopper insights, survey sample fraud, focus groups, UX and CX, mock juries, what AI can do in the industry, and what the heck a synthetic respondent is, we have you covered. 

Hear it all right from these research pros:

Melanie Courtright - Chief Executive Officer at Insights Association. Listen to a full episode with Melanie, MRX Mavericks: Protecting and Serving the Industry with Melanie Courtright

Andrew Cannon - Co-Founder of EQJOY, and Executive Director at GRBN. Listen to our full episode with Andrew, Fostering a Life of Joy with Debby Schlesinger-Hellman and Andrew Cannon

Andrew Seinfeld - Innovation Ambassador at Appinio.

Carlos Hevia - Business Development Director at Multilingual Connections. Listen to our episode with Carlos, The Art and Science of Language Translation for Market Research.

Carrie Angiolet - Principal & President at Illuminas.

Danny Farkas - Director, Business Development at Virtual Incentives.

Jim Kershaw - VP/Senior Consultant of Burke, Inc.

John Sadler - Vice President of Client Solutions at RIWI.

Julia Eisenberg - EVP, Strategy & Insights at Sago.

Karen Krishfield - Previously Principal, Research Enablement at Hulu, now Free Agent.

Kelli Hammock - Strategic Communications Director at L&E Research.

Mark Resnick - Vice President of Sales at Zappi.

Pierson Wofford - Executive Recruiter at Smith Hanley Associates.

Sasha McCune - VP - Practice Leader - Media, Entertainment & Culture at CMB. Listen to our full episode with Sasha, What's up with Analysis Paralysis, Corporate America? With Sasha McCune

Scott Johnson - Strategic Account Executive at L&E Research.

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