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Market Research for the Tech Industry with Joanna Jones

How did Microsoft Office get so famous?
A: Word of mouth.

Now, how did Microsoft Office improve its products using user experience research to satisfy customers and improve retention? No more dad jokes here. That’s a serious question for Joanna Jones with InterQ Research.

CEO of Little Bird Marketing, Priscilla McKinney, welcomes Joanna to this podcast episode on Ponderings from the Perch. Joanna founded InterQ Research, a full-service qualitative and quantitative research firm headquartered in San Francisco. InterQ specializes in the tech industry. She has used user experience research, in-depth interviews, ethnographies, biometrics, Jobs To Be Done, social listening, and quantitative surveys to help clients like Delta Air Lines, Audi, Microsoft, Disney, Google, and Salesforce. When tech companies need to understand what’s next in B2B lead generation, product and innovation and so much more, they have tapped into this female-founded and run company.

Joana shares that finding quality respondents is the key to B2B market research success and that companies must be willing to spend the majority of their research budget on recruiting alone. Equally as important as finding the best-suited respondents is creating a simulated environment for those participating to answer honestly. What good are the answers if they are not truthful and honest? Joana shares the effective strategies used by her team to create an environment for respondents that will produce the most natural feedback.

Listen in to learn how you can improve your digital marketing plan with knowledge from this tech industry research expert.


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