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MRX Mavericks: Curating Content to Move the Industry Forward with Karen Lynch

Strap on your headsets and fasten your seatbelts - we're taking you on a ride through the skies of market research! Welcome to the MRX Mavericks miniseries, where we'll show you how to soar above the competition like the true Top Guns of the market research industry.

Priscilla McKinney, call sign Momma Bird, welcomes Karen Lynch, Head of Content at Greenbook, to the cockpit. Together, they pull back the curtain to examine industry events both as organizers and as attendees! 

Karen’s passion is to bring the best content to the Greenbook stage, to make sure the audience gets the ultimate experience. To do that, she has adopted the mantra “Always be Curating.” She says though Greenbook events appeal to a wide variety of industries (tech, MRX, entrepreneurs, etc.), the connecting thread between all attendees is a growth mindset. Her curation spans a multitude of sources to ensure the content honors the breadth of attendees.

They discuss Karen’s methodology for organizing content to span the variety of Greenbook events, both location-specific and topically themed. Karen also shares with Priscilla her three-part outline to maximize events for attendees. By dividing the event into three parts, she offers tips to build clarity and purpose. 

Karen also highlights the importance of making genuine connections - a decisive shift away from the non-stop selling mentality centered around building relationships with others: “It’s really quite special what you do when you just say, ‘I just want to get to know people.’”


Priscilla McKinney, CEO at Little Bird Marketing, is thrilled to announce the release of her book, "Collaboration is the New Competition: Why the Future of Work Rewards A Cross Pollinating Hive Mind and How Not to Get Left Behind." The book's chapters are designed to be time-efficient, ensuring busy professionals can easily integrate these transformative ideas into their workflow. From discussing the state of affairs in business to providing fundamental strategies and seven practical anchors for staying on course, this book offers a fresh perspective and a competitive advantage in today's complex business landscape. Visit priscillamckinney.com for more information.


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