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No Excuses: Write a Book and Build Your Brand with Miles Rote


Whether you have already written a book and don’t know how to break into the publishing world, or still have a book inside you and don’t want to go to a surgeon to have it surgically removed, this episode is for you. Meet Miles Rote, Author Strategist at Scribe Media. Miles helps entrepreneurs, executives and experts write, publish and market their books. In this episode, host, CEO (and Author!) Priscilla McKinney and Miles discuss the obstacles facing would-be authors on their path to publishing. 

According to Miles, one of the biggest misconceptions about putting a book into the world is based on outdated modes of creation and distribution. 

“I think often when we think about the publishing world, we’ve done it through the lens of how it was always done in the past, through traditional publishing. All of that has changed.”

In that past paradigm, the feat of producing the actual material for the book, either by writing or hiring a ghostwriter, was an already laborious step, followed by the even-more daunting prospect of pitching to publishers for a slim chance of acceptance. This paradigm, according to Rote, is over. Scribe’s writing methodology is based on a process of interviews that removes the writing/ghostwriting tradeoff barrier. Their publication ethos is based on the idea that the work itself can leverage platform growth, allowing authors to retain their humanity and not be supplanted by alternatives of themselves as potential earning figures. 

They also discuss the catharsis of writing, retention of ownership and royalties, and how the promotion of books is a forever thing. Miles is also an author, and his book “Personal Undevelopment” is scheduled to drop in 2023. It centers on the topic of identity and perception, and encourages people to rewrite themselves using “undevelopment” and “non-self help.” Essentially, when it comes to the topic of uncovering the ingredients that make up the self, Miles Rote the book. 

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