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Priscilla and Baillie Buchanan Fight the Good Fight

Goodness, according to Emerson, is where the roots of wisdom are planted.

In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney talks with Baillie Buchanan, cofounder and CRO of Research for Good. Research for Good has a disruptive business model. They specialize in market research sample and fieldwork solutions, but their unique mission provides charitable donations for each response, in addition to compensating the respondents. For the past few years, that charity has been Action Against Hunger.

Baillie and Priscilla talk about what motivates respondents to provide the highest quality of feedback, how technology is impacting the market research landscape, and the future of work culture. Research For Good, beginning with only three founders, has grown to over 50 employees as an entirely remote-based business. Baillie says this feat is attributable to accountability, as well as a few technological advancements.

They also talk about humanizing data, recognizing survey fatigue, and the awesomeness of Women in Research’s WIRexec. Check out Research for Good, and find Baillie on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Baillie’s fave podcast(s):
1. Happy MR
2. How I Built This
3. Wow in the World (for the kiddos!)

Fave app: Le Tote Pssst!! Baillie got us a hookup with Le Tote for a FREE TOTE! What?! Go to https://letote.com/freetote/BAILLIE3

Fave Book: The Power by Naomi Alderman

Fave Blog (kinda not really a blog, but blogesque): #fivesmartreads by Hitha Palepu

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