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Reaching Gen Z for Market Research Insights with Jennifer Reid

Don’t get caught sending an email to Gen Z expecting them to take your survey. They won’t see it in their inbox of 5,735 unread messages.

CEO of Little Bird Marketing, Priscilla McKinney, welcomes Jennifer Reid, Co-CEO and Chief Methodologist at Rival Group, to discuss how to best engage with Generation Z for market research. Jennifer is an expert in Gen Z engagement, specifically the ability to connect with younger generations for the purpose of consumer understanding and insights that move brands forward.

As with any generation, trust and transparency are important frameworks from which to operate to get dynamic insights, but with this generation, they are paramount. Jennifer works with teams to help them successfully engage with this important pool of respondents. Her advice? When trying to reach GenZ to participate in market research, we should ask ourselves if we’re using the wrong channel, have the wrong tone of voice, are using the wrong format or are asking the wrong question.

According to Jennifer, when you’re doing it right, you’re letting the individual know whose research it is you’re doing and what they intend to use it for. They know how to be properly suspicious about online connections, but once they have things verified and clear, they can engage beautifully. As this generation says, “TLDR (too long; didn’t read) and this is what we should lean into. This is the generation of summaries and skimmable copy. But she warns against some efforts that try too hard (“try hards”) to be “one of them.” Instead, she suggests a strong commitment to staying transparent about who you are and what you’re trying to do.

The upside? For the Rival companies, they have done the work and find this generation to be thoughtful and passionate about the brands they use. They are native to the mobile environment and are happy to record a video about their feelings and thoughts. If you want to engage well with them, expanding your digital marketing tools is the way to go.

Want to know what young people are thinking of?
Wondering what lead generation strategies work with this generation? 

Cut through the noise and let them know how important their voice is. They are willing to give their feedback, and that is a great way forward for better business impact!

Helpful resources from Jennifer:

Webinar on Gen Z communities: https://www.rivaltech.com/gen-z-communities-webinar

Gen Z Brand Power Index: https://www.reach3insightstop3.com/top_brands_list/

A study from The Wharton School about why consumers are more willing to open up when using their smartphones: https://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/why-consumers-share-more-personal-information-on-smartphones/


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