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Special Sauce: What Makes A Good Branding Strategy with Leighton Cordell


Have you ever wanted your customers to spend twice as much money with you? In a compelling study, Capgemini found that users who feel a connection to a brand spend twice as much money as those who don't. Priscilla and Leighton made a pact during this episode not to bury that important statistic, and here it is right at the top. Huzzah!

We've been trained to hear the word "branding" and think about color palettes and typography choices. In reality, branding is a much broader subject that extends beyond visuals to encompass a wide range written, spoken and visual communication both internally and externally. In this episode, Momma Bird and CEO Priscilla McKinney talks with VP Leighton Cordell about what makes a good branding strategy and how it facilitates the aforementioned "connection" to brands. Some of the components discussed include consistency, flexibility, emotion, and employee involvement. 

Small birds namedropped in this episode: 

William Clift (the beautifully designed stairs with the LBM Core Values for which there is currently no documentation)

Corey Mitchell (the emotionally-connected videos that make us laugh and cry)

Jarrod Connolly (the beautiful story-driven photography that also sometimes makes us hungry)


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