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What it Takes for Brands to Make Genuine Breakthroughs in Japan with Dominic Carter

Who do you call if your insights are taking you to Japan? 

A: Myth-busting Japanese culture expert Dominic Carter and his team.

Today, our CEO and Momma Bird, Priscilla McKinney, welcomes a good friend and experienced researcher, Dominic Carter, Representative Director and CEO of The Carter Group.

Originally from Australia, where he was educated and started his career, Dominic has lived and worked in Japan since 1999. He has launched and nurtured several successful businesses in the market on his own account and worked as a key consultant on numerous large-scale launches and business expansions for his clients, which include some of the largest names in the world. His professional focus is the translation of cultural and customer insights into effective strategies for market entrants and established players.

Brands looking to expand to the Japanese market need researchers and recruiters who know and understand both them and the Japanese people. The Carter Group has professionals who can bridge the gap between brands and target Japanese consumers effectively. The work is crazy interesting, and it takes serious expertise to help brands find a way forward in a culture they don’t know. The worst outcomes start with assumptions, and that is what The Carter Group breaks down quickly.

Too often, brands think simple translations of their ads will bring them into a new market. But not understanding the culture really backfires. Dominic says, “Localization is much more than just translation.” Even something as seemingly simple as a skincare product and the promises it makes can differ significantly and impact a marketing campaign when introduced to a new culture. These small but meaningful changes influence the reactions to brands and products every day.

Their team brings real meaning to business strategy and applies cultural insights to translate the voice of the Japanese consumer. If you’re into international business, you don’t want to miss this episode!  


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