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What's Trust Got to Do with It? - Find the Right Company or Candidate


Reality is reality and finances are finances. There’s a cost and a loss for not finding the right company or the right candidate at the right time. While there is a pendulum swing between when it is a company’s market or a candidate’s market, the pendulum's rate is accelerating— faster than it ever has oscillated before and if you’re not careful it can give you whiplash!

Bob Ferro, Founder of the executive recruiting firm Trusted Talent, joins Priscilla McKinney, Little Bird Marketing’s CEO, to discuss the current job market from a company and candidate perspective, as well as the pros and cons of delaying hiring.

From Bob’s perch, he’s seeing a huge slowing down in hiring. In fact, he describes it as a pause. However, it’s vital to understand that “if you don't hire a salesperson for a quarter, you've lost two quarters' worth of revenue - minimum.”

They also discuss retaining talent. As Bob says, “My number one asset isn't my product and my market and my customers, it's my talent. It's the people that make this company work. We're going to see successful companies shift from recruiting to retention, from the churn of using people as commodities to focusing on them as an asset that they can retain and that those people will have the heart to continue to contribute.”

If you are on the hunt for a few tips for candidates searching for jobs in this highly competitive market, you’re in luck! 

  • Manage your expectations about the timeline of hiring
  • Accept that finding a job is a full-time job
  • Rise to the brand-marketing challenge of having a stellar resume and carry that over to LinkedIn
  • Get out there and network
  • Upscale yourself and uplevel your skills - don’t sit around waiting for the callback

As an industry-leading sales professional, Bob Ferro’s experience includes both technology and market research. Bob has worked with a variety of industry giants like Apple, Greenfield Online, SSI, Western Wats, Dapresy, Passenger, and Fulcrum. Bob founded Trusted Talent, an executive recruiting firm that specializes in helping Market Research firms find the right talent for the right jobs, and insights professionals find new opportunities. 

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