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What's up with Analysis Paralysis, Corporate America? With Sasha McCune

“Slam the brakes, lay off employees.” Corporate America is out of the frying pan and into… the dumpster fire! Wait, what’s going on?!

Today on Ponderings from the Perch, host Priscilla McKenny and Sasha McCune, Director at Conifer Research, are untangling the knots of post-pandemic paralysis and indecision in Corporate America.

Sasha is a strategic insights and design research leader, innovator, vision-setter, avid traveler, espresso junkie and tropical plant lover. As Director at Conifer Research, she specializes in ethnographic research, innovation programs, behavioral research and digital ethnography.

From Sasha’s experience, she has gathered insight into the leading cause of post-pandemic paralysis in the corporate world.

It’s vision. Or rather, the lack of vision. Companies are dropping the ball left and right by not providing their team VISION for where they are going. People need goals. Those who aim at nothing hit it with remarkable accuracy. Stuck in fear of financial setbacks and laying off hundreds, employers have left employees with a lack of belief and trust in their company.

Prominent leaders aspire to reintroduce a sense of culture within the workplace, yet they often lack a comprehensive understanding of what their culture is.

How can leaders reintroduce a thriving workplace culture, instilling belief and courage into employees? It all starts with listening. Listening to employees and this episode, of course! Tune in to find out how to move past the paralysis plaguing the corporate world.

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