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When is the Right time for a Rebrand?


Why does a $300 million business with almost 6 decades of name recognition choose to rebrand?

In this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, we have the pleasure of hearing from Isaac Rogers, the President of SAGO, previously Schlesinger Group. Isaac is a seasoned leader who has brought his extensive experience to the company where he is focused on driving change and new growth within the corporation.

Isaac shares the story behind the decision to rebrand Sago, a company that had been a staple of market research for six decades. He discusses the overall process of the rebrand and how they picked partners and the team to drive the initiative. Isaac also touches on a few mistakes or fumbles that occurred during the process.

Isaac highlights how SAGO became the name for the rebrand and the industry response to the change. He also provides a glimpse into what's next for Sago and the euphoria of getting a rebrand right in all of the meaningful ways.

If you’re considering a rebrand, Isaac emphasizes the importance of clarity and knowing what your brand stands for. He shares his insights and experience on how to drive innovation and growth within an organization while staying true to the company's values and vision and the future is bright for SAGO!

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