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8th Annual Holiday Spectacular! Spectacular!

It’s here! Get ready for tidings and good cheer…it’s the 8th Annual Holiday Spectacular! Spectacular! The Peeps won’t be baking any treats this year, but we do have quite a few treats (and tricks) up our sleeve for you. Which holiday are we celebrating again? 

Little Bird Marketing is – as you may know – a marketing company. This year we’re covering something near and dear to our hearts…holiday marketing! Done well, this singular art form has the capacity to lodge arbitrary jingles and commercial scripts into our collective conscious eternally. While we don’t really do holiday marketing we can all appreciate a good holiday commercial.

Walk down nostalgia boulevard as the Peeps spill on the best gift they’ve ever received and whether or not marketing influenced it. Play along with us on not one, but TWO holiday marketing trivia quizzes! 

Little Bird CEO Priscilla McKinney closes out the episode with a fireside chat you won’t want to miss. Who doesn’t love a little Mad Men-esque collaborative holiday marketing ploy? 

This time of year is plenty busy, so take a brain break with the Peeps. Reminisce on your favorite childhood toys and let nostalgia take hold as we discuss the best holiday marketing of yesteryear.

Happy holidays from the Peeps!

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