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Advocacy and Growth - A Look at the Insights Association's 2021 Plans with Melanie Courtright

Calling all insights enthusiasts! In this episode, Little Bird Executive Director and co-host Ashley Le Blanc and Insights Association CEO Melanie Courtright discuss why the industry needs you to be a part of the movement. After a momentous year of changes, Melanie breaks downs the lessons they’ve learned from 2020 and turns her eyes to the future of insights, research, and data analytics.

As 2021 continues the trend of change Melanie and her team are taking on legislation, shaking it up with new events, and navigating the evolving language of the industry. With so much on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to be a part of the Insights Association family.

The Insights Association helps its members create competitive advantage. Their revenue is invested in quality standards, legal and business advocacy, education, certification and direct support to enable members to thrive in an evolving industry and drive business impact.

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