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Ashley and Juliana Wood Play the Long Game

In this episode, Little Bird Executive Director and co-host Ashley Le Blanc talks with Juliana Wood, Director of Certifications at the Certification Institute for Research Quality (CIRQ). Juliana’s diverse background includes marketing and PR in the publishing industry, Educational Program Management at the National Information Standards Organization (NISO), and the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association. In her current role, she oversees the certifications for CIRQ, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Insights Association that serves the insights and data analytics industry across 75 countries. 

Her work at NISO allowed her a full view of the process at the heart of standards creation, and her work with CIRQ allows her to act as a guide for businesses interested in fostering more reliable results and less rework - a blueprint of requirements for best practices in the industry. Juliana describes the training and certification process as a good marathon that results in adherence to standards that are globally recognized. 


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