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Colson Steber: Specialist and Generalist in the Market Research World


Do you want to bring a box of chocolate chip cookies to the party, or do you want to bring a box of gluten-free, Himalayan sea salt, fair-trade dark chocolate cookies to the party? Are we really talking about cookies? Nope. This is our segue into the differences between generalists and specialists. Generalists are generally suited for everyone whereas specialists serve a niche market.

CEO and Little Bird Momma, Priscilla McKinney, and Co-CEO of Ag Access and Co-CEO of Communications for Research (CFR) Colson Steber dig into the differences between specialists and generalists in the world of market research. Colson Steber also volunteers as the President of the Insights Association Great Lakes Chapter, which is the combination of five regional chapters into one. 

In this episode, we also discuss the value of serving a niche. Ag Access is laser-focused on the agricultural sector and has done large-scale work at a gigantic scope to stand out. His company has put together a phenomenal resource called the Ag Researcher’s Almanac that helps to get everyone on the same page with the terminology around Agriculture-based market research. It’s yours for FREE.

So what is the difference between generalists and specialists? As Colson Steber says, “nothing and everything.” Curious? Let’s dive into the details on the show.

Shoutout to this episode's sponsors CFR and Year of Joy!

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Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman

The Pumpkin Plan: A Simple Strategy to Grow a Remarkable Business in Any Field by Mike Michalowicz


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