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Dear Priscilla: How Do I Build Relationships Remotely?

In this episode of Dear Priscilla, Momma Bird/CEO Priscilla McKinney answers not one, but two questions about networking during remote events.

Question 1:

Dear Priscilla,
From years of going to industry conferences I have a lot of colleagues to draw from and interact with on LinkedIn. This helps me start great conversations, which in turn increases the reach of my posts. But, I feel I'm just talking to colleagues and these efforts don't seem to make their way into the view of the prospects I'm trying to reach.
How can I get better engagement on my posts from those I would consider to be prospects - who I would like to do business with?

Question 2:

Dear Priscilla,
I am listening to your conference fatigue episode and I was hoping you could answer that same questions about how to use conferences to your best advantage specifically for people who are starting NEW in their position.
Whether they are starting their first job, or transitioning - at this time in-person meetings are not possible, so how can we form new relationships remotely and how does that figure into the conference fatigue conundrum?

Check out the full episode to learn more!

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