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    Dear Priscilla: Should I Be Paying for LinkedIn?

    So, you’ve got questions about marketing. Not the type of questions you can just raise your hand and ask in the middle of a crowded auditorium. No, no. These are the questions you’re maybe a little…embarrassed to ask. Maybe you’re afraid you should already know the answer. Maybe you think you’re the only one with this particular problem. Fear not: you’re not alone!

    Between immeasurable speaking engagements, industry events, consultations, and online interactions, Little Bird CEO and podcast host Priscilla McKinney has heard it all. Guess what? A lot of people are asking the same types of questions. 

    “Dear Priscilla” is a new series founded on the basis of answering those hushed-tone pain point questions in an anonymous judgement-free format that’s accessible to everyone. Or, as Priscilla says:

    “What’s running good marketing? What’s running good social selling? It shouldn’t be hidden in a mystery.”

    This episode addresses one of Priscilla’s most frequently asked questions: “Should I be paying for LinkedIn?” 

    Priscilla and Executive Director Ashley Le Blanc discuss the pros (better access, better intel, video courses, etc.) and cons (it’s not cheap!) of paid accounts on LinkedIn, as well as addressing the specific use cases for which a paid account is immensely beneficial. They also talk about aligning platform use with specific goals, quick tips to increase views, and how to get a more in-depth look at Digital Transformation

    Do you have a burning question about marketing that you’ve been too afraid to ask? Send inquiries to podcast@littlebirdmarketing.com - we’re making a list (and checking it twice) for future episodes, and we value your input. 


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