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Entrepreneurship in Market Research with Alisa Hamilton

It’s time to quit thinking inside the box you’re creating for yourself.

Our CEO and Momma Bird, Priscilla McKinney, loves advocating for women in business. Today, she pulls the curtain back to show the woman (and friend of hers) behind Harvest Insights, Alisa Hamilton. Her out of box business venture is a story every aspiring leader should hear.

Alisa started Harvest Insights out of a need she saw to help overwhelmed research teams be able to siphon off some of their overflow work on an as-needed basis. She went out to focus group research companies to simply offer assistance, and her business organically grew from there. With her research training, the phrase “I’ve been in your shoes, let me help” brought the opportunity for brand building and delivering value to others.

Great moderators provide a space for empathy and curiosity while engaging an audience. They break the ice by delivering a relaxed environment to discover the most accurate insights from the face-to-face focus group. As an experienced moderator, Alisa shares how, after losing the ability to be face-to-face, her appreciation for Qualitative in-person research grew exponentially. She believes that nothing delivers like an in-person moment.

You’ll love their passion for Women in Research (WIRe) and hear about how they give back out of gratitude for their experience in this amazing insights industry. It’s always free to join. So, what’s keeping you from getting the support you need for your journey? 

If you’ve ever wondered what the ups and downs of building a brand, listen to learn how Alisa grew a business she loves by doing what she loves. Need help on your next research project? Qual or quant, Alisa and her team are who you want to contact!



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