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Esomar Council Elections: A Conversation with Lisa Wilding-Brown

With Esomar Council elections in full swing until October 25th, host Priscilla McKinney and Lisa Wilding-Brown meet to unpack all the reasons why leaders in the insights space would take this much time and effort to volunteer for this gig. While both our CEO and Momma Bird and InnovateMR CEO are on the ballot, this episode is about pulling the curtain back and showing those curious about this effort what it really takes, how you can contribute and why it is important to get more people participating with different points of views, skills and passions.

Lisa opens up about her passions for data quality, DEI and mentorship through different Esomar steering committee. In the past year Lisa has contributed to each of these efforts in the global insights community. You’ll want to year more about YES (Young Esomar Society).

No matter who is elected by month’s end, the association is in good hands based on the highly-qualified candidates for the council seats:

Nikki Lavoie

Alain Mizrahi

Dharmendra Jain

Priscilla McKinney

Tom De Ruyck

Priya Lobo

Claudette Dearnaley

Vanessa Oshima 

Jean-Marc Leger

Seyi Adeoye

Martin Oxley

Manny Rodriguez

Michaela Gascon

Lisa Wilding-Brown

Mariela Mociulsky

Martha Llobet

Joy Uyanwune

Corrine Moy

Paul Hudson

Diana Mitkov


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