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Evaluating The Value of Your Business with Damon Pistulka


So…you have this business. But are you curious about how you’ll find your way to what’s next? Does it involve a payout? Do you know your number? Oh, there is so much to talk about and Damon Pistulka joins us on the podcast to address some of the pressing questions around prepping your business for growth and ultimately, a profitable exit. 

  • What can you do to help ensure your business is ready for sale? 
  • What do I need to change now to get my team engaged to meet my goals? 
  • Why do only 25% of businesses get sold?
  • What are the metrics I need to understand to increase the value of my business in 24-36 months? 
  • What is different about selling to a private buyer, your employees or even a private equity firm? 
  • What conversations should I start having to prepare my business for sale? 

But before you can think about an exit, there are key things to think about to maximize that moment. Take it from a business brokerage expert and listen in for these important conversations about digital transformation, employee engagement, growth hacking and more that will drive your business value. The mindset shift Damon offers includes helping you build wealth with your business instead of treating it like a job. 

Damon’s skill is identifying and executing opportunities to increase business revenue, profitability, and value. Damon brings 20+ years of building and managing businesses in extreme conditions and diverse industries to help clients reach their goals, crush competitors, and dominate markets. The proven framework Damon and the Exit Your Way® Team developed and used successfully in private equity-owned companies is being used to drive successful results daily. In the sale of businesses, Damon utilizes the knowledge of the private equity buyer’s desires and client businesses to clearly articulate the opportunity.

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