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    Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries: Meet Sima Vasa

    "We're in a place of data-explosion. People know that they have access to so much data now and they're embracing that change."

    Serial entrepreneur, Sima Vasa, is not an exemption. She's making waves in the market research industry by embracing new technology and encouraging MR execs to be more than just experts in data. In this episode of the Flock Stars WIRe Miniseries, Priscilla interviews Sima Vasa of Infinity Squared Ventures and host of the Data Gurus podcast.

    "I've had a pretty varied experience in the market research industry. I was on the client side at IBM and now I'm an entrepreneur."

    Sima's specialty is her deep and longstanding experience in building and growing businesses. As CEO and Founder of Infinity Squared Ventures, she focuses on accelerating new and emerging businesses in the market research space.

    Keeping up with the market research industry can be exhausting, but Sima explains that WIRe has helped her recharge, refocus and tackle big goals.

    "I'm always delighted when I leave the WIRexec Retreat on how recharged I feel."

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    P.S. Here's a little more on TRME and the presentation by Marina Kosten that Priscilla mentions in this episode!

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