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From DIY to DIT with Edward Staples

Fledgling. Novice. Greenhorn. Tenderfoot. Noob.

We have a lot of words for people who are trying things for the first time, and generally, the more words there are to describe a thing, the more prevalent and complex that thing is. This issue presents itself in two common ways in the market research industry:

1. A steady stream of new researchers entering the field, and

2. A continually shifting landscape full of new methodology, new technology, new objectives and new(ly reduced) budgets.

Researchers everywhere are being asked to do more with less, and for many, the prospect of doing everything themselves seems like the only option. But it's not.

Meet Edward Staples, Senior Director of Business Development at Prodege. Edward has been in the insights industry since 2006, and has worked in both qualitative and quantitative research, including trackers, concept testing, in-person and online across a broad client base including finance, travel, CPG, QSR, apparel, retail and more. At Prodege, he helps leading brands, marketers and agencies uncover answers to their business questions, acquire new customers, increase revenue, and drive brand loyalty. 

In this episode, Momma Bird and CEO Priscilla McKinney and Edward discuss Ed's true passion: helping. 

"There's nothing more interesting and fascinating to me than working with somebody to help them understand 'how are we communicating with people?'"

Edward (and Prodege) believe that the new DIY is actually DIT - Do It Together. DIT represents a more consultative approach to research, infusing experience and wisdom into projects that otherwise find researchers struggling against knowledge barriers that end in missed insights. 

Along the way, Priscilla and Edward discuss the importance and challenge of behavioral data, the evolution of Prodege, and a societal shift toward better discussions around gender, race and ethnicity. 

"I'm very proud of our industry, because we are the industry that looks at these issues and takes them head on. We're here to assume that we don't know, and to listen in order to find the information. And that's what we, as humans, could be doing in general about these things." 

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