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Lisa Wilding-Brown: There's a New CEO in Town

Bestie alert! Lisa Wilding-Brown, the new CEO of InnovateMR, is on Ponderings from the Perch to assist Priscilla McKinney in discussing what's going on at InnovateMR.

Lisa has been with InnovateMR since the beginning of it all in 2014. They are a global business based in Calabasas, California, and have many other offices in Connecticut, London, and India.

Lisa is a pro when it comes to the democratization of research. InnovateMR has developed an end-to-end insights platform that allows clients to program their own surveys and run custom reports. This platform helps reduce human error and allows the user to do data-driven research all in one platform as opposed to using multiple at once.

 Join these two female leaders as they pick apart industry trends and discuss what is new and happening at InnovateMR.

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