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    MR Leadership Week: Mario Carrasco of ThinkNow

    It’s MR Leadership week! Benefit from the collective wisdom of market research thought leaders, who share their experiences, mindsets, and tips for managing in these trying times.

    Mario Carrasco is the cofounder and principal at ThinkNow - a technology-driven cultural insights agency. ThinkNow is also responsible for Diga y Gane, the largest and most representative Hispanic online panel in existence and ThinkNow Connekt, a powerful on-demand multicultural research tool. In this episode, Mario and host Priscilla McKinney discuss entrepreneurial mindset, how the crisis has illuminated cultural disparities that have long existed, and the cultural significance of messaging. 

    Mario notes that entrepreneurs can often feel isolated, and that it’s important to keep in touch with fellow entrepreneurs for solidarity and camaraderie. He says his mantra through trying times (as well as regularly) is simply to show up and work - and to be okay with the days you don’t get as much done as you hope for. 

    Ethnicity data from COVID-19 studies has recently been released, detailing how the crisis is impacting minority groups - Mario discusses the impact to the restaurants, hospitality and service industries, and the interesting adaptations that are allowing some businesses to maintain a presence. He and Priscilla also talk about the unsung front line heroes in the agriculture industry, who are keeping groceries in-stock. Through all of this, they stress the importance of understanding for market research that encompasses a wider, multicultural, multigenerational audience. 

    Check out ThinkNow's Covid Report Brief here, and their 2020 LatinX Report Brief here!

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