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MRX Mavericks: Covering the Insights Industry with Dan Quirk of Quirks Media

Strap on your headsets and fasten your seatbelts - we're taking you on a ride through the skies of market research! Welcome to the MRX Mavericks miniseries, where we'll show you how to soar above the competition like the true Top Guns of the market research industry.

Priscilla McKinney, call sign Momma Bird, introduces us to esteemed guest and MRX veteran Dan Quirks of Quirks Media. Dan's mission at Quirks is to expand the company's digital offerings and global presence.

The day-to-day of Dan’s responsibilities revolves around staying abreast of industry trends and delivering valuable information to their audience. At Quirks, they differentiate themselves by primarily catering to end clients and providing free content to support researchers' growth and knowledge.

One significant challenge faced by Quirks is bridging the gap between suppliers' desired content and the information sought by end clients. To address this, they employ a team of skilled editors who ensure that the content meets the needs of both parties.

As a seasoned professional in the MRX world, Dan has experienced the historical transformation of the industry. From a data collection-centric approach, the industry has evolved into a more consultative relationship between suppliers and end clients, where the focus is now on actionable data and insightful storytelling. As Dan says, “For every Coke, there's a Pepsi. For every iPhone, there's a Samsung.” There are competitors in every industry, and market research isn’t exempt. But the key to standing out is BRANDING. In this episode, he provides this helpful mindset as their team comes alongside others to help them stand out from the crowd.

To learn more about the market research industry's dynamic developments and join the "MRX Mavericks" journey, be sure to tune in!

Listen in closely for information about the 2023 Quirks Awards.


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