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MRX Mavericks: Featuring the Marketing Research Education Foundation Team

Strap on your headsets and fasten your seatbelts - we're taking you on a ride through the skies of market research! Welcome to the MRX Mavericks miniseries, where we'll show you how to soar above the competition like the true Top Guns of the market research industry.

Steve Schlesinger, Executive Chairman of SAGO and Kim Harrison, Founder and CEO of Focus Forward, also serve as executive board members for the Marketing Research Education Foundation. Today, they join our CEO and Momma Bird, Priscilla McKinney, who has served on this same board, to share the message and mission of this amazing organization.

Their mission is to unify, inspire and activate the marketing research community to focus its collective resources on educating children and youth worldwide. Find out more online at http://www.mrgivesback.org. Become a sponsor (https://www.mrgivesback.org/sponsors), or participate in a fun and engaging campaign during the year. From the Race Around the World to the Backpack Challenge, there are many ways to get involved, do good and have fun while you’re doing it!

Get involved with the Backpack Challenge: https://www.backpackchallenge.org/

MREF: https://www.mrgivesback.org/

Race Around the World for Education: https://www.mrgivesback.org/race


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