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MRX Mavericks: Protecting and Serving the Industry with Melanie Courtright

Strap on your headsets and fasten your seatbelts - we're taking you on a ride through the skies of market research! Welcome to the MRX Mavericks miniseries, where we'll show you how to soar above the competition like the true Top Guns of the market research industry.

Today, our CEO and Momma Bird, Priscilla McKinney, is joined by Melanie Courtright, the Chief Executive Officer at Insights Association. Melanie is a true vanguard in shaping the future of the insights and analytics industry. With almost three decades of experience, she knows the industry inside out and is a powerful advocate for quality and excellence. As a skilled networker in the market research arena, she can teach you a thing or two about meaningful connections.

Insights Association has a unique role as a service organization dedicated to the insights profession. Melanie explains that their focus is on protecting and strengthening the industry by setting standards of quality, advocating for regulations that make sense, and ensuring the profession's growth and relevance. They work to prevent overregulation and provide invaluable resources to professionals in the field.

One significant aspect of their work is advocacy, led by Howard Feinberg. Howard is the SVP of Advocacy, and he tirelessly represents the profession in governmental circles. He navigates complex regulations, works to prevent over-taxation of data sales, and ensures that insights professionals aren't adversely affected by legislation.

The Insights Association also offers numerous ways for professionals to get involved beyond advocacy. With six regional chapters and 12 active committees, there's a place for everyone to contribute. Whether you're interested in marketing, events, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, data quality, or various other aspects, there's a role waiting for you. The association's website provides information on how to get involved, or you can simply reach out to Melanie directly at Melanie@insightsassociation.org!

Get in touch with this outstanding team:

Rebekah McWain, CMP, Director, Events.

Art Flanagan, Vice President, Communications.

Nicole Symelidis, SVP, Members & Operations.

Howard Fienberg, CAE, Senior VP, Advocacy.

Jennifer Delfino, VP, IT and Event Solutions.

Remember, you can be a wingman to the MRX Mavericks anytime. Let’s take flight on this journey together!


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