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MRX Mavericks: Supporting Women in Research with Kristin Luck

Strap on your headsets and fasten your seatbelts - we're taking you on a ride through the skies of market research! Welcome to the MRX Mavericks miniseries, where we'll show you how to soar above the competition like the true Top Guns of the market research industry.

Priscilla McKinney, call sign Momma Bird, is joined by Kristin Luck, Founder of ScaleHouse and consultant known for non-traditional growth strategies. You’ll hear the backstory of how and why Kristin founded  Women in Research and the impact this has made on the industry. Since 2007 this community has focused on empowering the women inside of insights has made a difference helping many to build successful careers and increase representation in leadership roles.

Various programs run by WIRe are working to include women in all spaces, such as mentorship programs, scholarship funds for women in emerging or conflict markets, and the WIRExec forum. They have made serious strides getting more female voices on stages at conferences around the world. All of these programs remain free and open to anyone. Yes, amazing men are a part of the WIRe family! 

The only paid positions include the WIRexec board. This was started as a retreat where senior-level women to connect, network, and share experiences. They have achieved success enough to pay to gather and collaborate as to how to amplify the great work and continue to ensure all other programs at WIRe are free and remain so.

Ready to be inspired and uplifted in the market research industry? Listen to these industry leader besties share their love for Women in Research.


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