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Priscilla and Andrew Kuiler Will Only Be Impressed By a Hurdy-Gurdy

Travel. Exotic food. Cultural research. Obscure musical instruments. The areas of overlapping interest in a Venn diagram between Priscilla and Andrew Kuiler, founder and CEO of The Silk Initiative are so abundant that we might actually need a larger diagram.

In this episode, Priscilla and Andrew discuss how The Silk Initiative - brand insight, strategy, and innovation firm - uses their specialized knowledge and custom research to provide detailed consulting for the international food and beverage industry.

Along the way, they also talk about travel, their favorite snack foods, and Andrew's favorite food cities - those include Myanmar, Israel, Melbourne, Toronto and New York City. Most importantly, they discuss their love of unconventional musical instruments - Priscilla's autoharp may not be quite as loud as Andrew's bagpipes, but the collective musical clout has effectively raised the bar for all future podcast guests.

Andrew's fave podcast:   

Masters of Scale podcast - Reid Hoffman

Andrew's fave book:

The E-Myth - Michael Gerber

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