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    Priscilla and Ashley Put the “Fun” in Marketing Fundamentals

    Show of hands: Anyone else getting sick of receiving random messages from every site you’ve ever bought anything from over the past 13 years? They’re like “Here’s how we’re handling the pandemic...need some new cuff links for these trying times?” What a bunch of applesauce. Priscilla and Ashley use Superman vision to reveal the hidden cause behind this unprecedented outcropping: It is the panic caused by an absence of marketing fundamentals. 

    See, when you have your marketing fundamentals lined out, you won’t be sending weird tone-deaf sales-y emails to people who bought one stupid tie tack for their nephew back in 2006. You will, instead, pivot on your marketing anchor point, and continue doing the good work. The five fundamentals covered in this episode are SMART Goals, Personas, Content Plan, Competitor/Content Analysis, and Defined Metrics/KPIs. 

    Peep all free the Little Bird Marketing resources mentioned in this episode here: www.littlebirdmarketing.com/resources

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