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Priscilla and Ashley Teach Robots to Chat

LBM: Are you interested in learning a unique way to boost social engagement by using programmable chatbots, which can help you circumnavigate algorithms that might otherwise suppress your awesome links? Comment “yes” or “no” below.

YOU: “Yes.”


LBM: So glad that you want to know more about chatbots!


LBM: Check out this episode of Ponderings from the Perch, where Priscilla McKinney and Ashley Le Blanc talk all about the different ways you can use chatbots to deliver messages, offer sweet deals, and share pertinent information to your obviously interested customers!


LBM: Do you like winning cool stuff?

YOU: "Yes."


LBM: Check out our Ultimate Content Marketing Giveaway. Whether you're a content marketing master, a total greenhorn, or somewhere between -  you need to enter!From helpful resources to unique swag, this package has everything you need to take your marketing strategy to the next level. Click here to learn more!

YOU: I love this podcast so much, I'm going to subscribe, rate and review Ponderings from the Perch on iTunes.


LBM: We love you. 

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