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    Priscilla and Brad Farris Tell Head-Trash to SCRAM!

    Growth, as a business owner, strikes up against a number of obstacles - control issues, financial issues, team dynamics, and perhaps most of all: the stories we tell ourselves, when those stories don’t match up with reality. The truth is, the clutter of these largely-internal struggles create what CEO and host Priscilla McKinney calls “head-trash,” leaving little room for leaders to rise above with clarity and direction. 

    In this episode, Priscilla talks with Brad Farris, prolific author, speaker, and Principal Advisor at Anchor Advisors. Brad discusses the ways his firm facilitates transition and growth in both entrepreneurship and leadership, and some of the most common problems he encounters. Having recently transitioned, himself, from a more face-to-face role to one that works in a virtual Mastermind meeting format, Brad has a lot of meaningful and helpful insights about leadership transformation. 

    “The thing that made it possible for you to succeed at that prior stage, you have to give that up in order to get into the next stage.”

    Anchor Advisors is dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in leadership and founder-led businesses, with areas of focus on product/market fit, business development, financial understanding, team development. Check out the Anchor Advisors conversation, and find Brad on LinkedIn and Twitter for more helpful insights.



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