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Priscilla and Fritz Grutzner Slay the Brand Dragon

In this episode, Priscilla McKinney, CEO and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing chats with Fritz Grutzner, founder and President of Brandgarten. As a brand strategy consultant with 30 years of brand-building experience for Fortune 500s and non-profits in the U.S. and abroad, he shares his insights about how emotion drives behavior. His superpower involves identifying emotional insights and drivers of brand choice, helping organizations discover their most compelling, authentic brand story and teaching them to tell it in a consistent way.

While Brandgarten is primarily a strategy firm they do a lot of in-depth marketing research, because their strategies depend on having deep human insights. Fritz pontificates on his perspective about brand building and delivering actionable insights from the research. In the end, their team works with client to: 

Understand the latest brain research and how to deal with the 95% of our cognitive activity that is really subconscious. Help brands tell memorable stories instead of focusing on brand facts.help marketers understand the core emotions and total volatility of consumer loyalty. Integrate empathy into brand stories for bigger impact.use current methodologies to tap into consumer's unfiltered thoughts. You'll enjoy some of Fritz's personal stories including his work with Johnson & Johnson baby products. If you enjoyed this interview, you'll enjoy Fritz's recommendation of Nobel Prize winner, Daniel Kahneman's book entitled Thinking Fast and Slow

Find Fritz on LinkedIn, and check out their amazing case studies about their work with company greats including Delta, Rogaine, Organic Valley, Band-Aid, Acuvue, and more!

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