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Priscilla and Katrina Noelle - Pandemic Narrative Chapter 2

No, it’s not Christmas, but in this episode, we begin by unwrapping the truths of research during the pandemic, the taboos that are lifted, and how findings are better than ever. Katrina Noelle of KNOW Research returns and comes bearing the gift of insights. 

In this episode, Priscilla McKinney and Katrina, elaborate on KNOW Research and Logica Financial findings during the pandemic, and how brands are hungry for more. KNOW Research and Logica partnered together before the outbreak and quickly had to shift directions in response. Fortunately, they have found their findings to be successful and impactful even during this pandemic season. Katrina dives into how quickly things change, and how to continue researching in such an atmosphere.

Katrina is also the co-founder of Scoot Insights, which strives to fuel the wicked challenges we all face with consumer insights. Scoot Insights mission has recently pivoted from a consumer insights-driven company to helping decision-makers make hard decisions while still being backed by customer insights. Katrina and her partner Janet Standen, tackle the challenges that come along with the decision making. They want to focus on making real-time big business moves with accurate insights.


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