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    Priscilla and Mark Menig - Subjectivity of Data Quality


    What constitutes “quality?” As Mark Menig, CPO at PureSpectrum points out, the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” perfectly illustrates that quality is a subjective construct. 

    In this episode, host and Little Bird Marketing CEO, Priscilla McKinney, geeks out with Menig about how PureSpectrum uses advanced machine learning to process unfathomable amounts of data and objectively identify patterns. 

    Menig discusses the responsibility in the market research technology industry for first to utilize the best available technology, as well as PureSpectrum’s proprietary quality scoring system.

    ALSO! In celebration of the launch of this podcast, the team at PureSpectrum is giving away an unforgettable virtual wine tasting “in Napa!” Sample some of the best wines from the region from the safety of home. Click here to enter: https://www.purespectrum.com/giveaway/

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