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    Priscilla and Mary Martha Stasinopoulos - Fireside Chat at IIEX NA

    At Greenbook’s IIEX NA 2020, Priscilla McKinney, Little Bird CEO and Momma Bird sat down for a fireside chat with Mary Martha Stasinopoulos, Head of Consumer Insights at Kairos. Stasinopoulos came to Kairos after serving as Head of Consumer Insights at Glossier, and previously Insights Manager at HBO - each with wildly diverse internal insights configurations. Mary Martha discusses the differences between working in a well-established, process-oriented team versus starting from the ground up with from-scratch culture creation. 

    Kairos is a startup studio focused on making life more affordable. They focus on critical life stages where old industries have failed to mee the needs of everyday individuals around the world, partnering with the brightest entrepreneurial minds to build solutions for these issues. 

    Mary Martha and Priscilla discuss a variety of topics, including preparation and tools, accountability and the speed of delivery for insights (never fast enough!) The fireside chat concludes with a brief QA session with live listeners. 

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