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    Priscilla and Sigi Hale, Ph.D. Get all Neurosciencey

    As brands attempt to understand how consumers are navigating the ever-changing landscape of Coronavirus, good market research acts as a counterfriction against oversimplification. Instead, deeper understanding is dependent upon recognizing the mechanisms with which people react in establishing their routines. In this episode, Priscilla talks with Sigi Hale, Ph.D., Principal Neuroscientist and Director of Research at Alpha-Diver about the role that brands must play in helping the world bounce back - not to normal - but to a better place than before. Together, they examine buyer motivations, the role of science in the private sector, and whether or not there is a fever for which more cowbell is the only prescription (not the last one, actually).

    Sigi explains the neuro-evolutionary perspective to help crack the code on what makes humans tick, including the four main systems we use to assess information:

    • Instincts
    • Memory
    • Social Mind
    • Rational Thought

    Check out the full episode for a truly deep dive into progressive understanding of consumer behavior. 


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