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    Priscilla and Simon Dunn are "Really, Really Keen"

    Join a fun-filled podcast with design wiz Simon Dunn, from Keen As Mustard Marketing, as he and Priscilla discuss holistic marketing strategy methods, data visualization, and the importance of industry networking.

    Simon, with Keen as Mustard, has been finding new ways for agencies to understand research and insights for the past ten years, with an indisputable understanding of the complexities of the field.

    “You don’t just do a new brand, or launch a new website, sit back and wait for the work to come in. It’s all about actually doing all of those things, joining them up, having a plan - segmentations - targeting. It’s a whole joined-up web of stuff that you’re doing - and you do need to be doing all of them. And for quite a long time!”

    In addition to providing marketing research PR and media relations, Keen as Mustard also helped develop Viz-Fest, an annual 4-day webinar full of market research insights.

    While the discussion is rife with extremely serious industry discussion, Simon and Priscilla find time to reminisce about Simon’s classiness, laugh about rebranding difficulties, and share a moment of sadness about Priscilla’s missed opportunity for Scotch eggs.

    While you’re enjoying the episode, be sure to connect with Simon on LinkedIn, register for Viz-Fest, and give Ponderings from the Perch a swell review on iTunes!

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