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    Priscilla and Steve August Do Not Block the Exit (Strategy)

    Little Bird Marketing CEO Priscilla McKinney and Disconnect | Reconnect Founder Steve August are no strangers to the “stunning discomfort of entrepreneurship.” In this episode, Steve recounts the early experiences in scaling and exiting the digital qualitative research platform Revelation. Along his journey, which includes multiple successful exits, he witnessed a continuity between entrepreneurs. This observation led him to found Disconnect | Reconnect to help those entrepreneurs reframe and move beyond their obstacles. 

    From the Lightning Round:

    Steve’s fave podcast: How I Built This

    Fave app: Our Pact (designed for parental controls, but Steve uses it to limit his own cell usage!)

    Fave book: Traction by Gino Wickman

    Fave blog: LinkedIn, for its curated blog aggregation services

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